Bath Salts


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May 29, 2012:
Incident in Florida puts new emphasis on drugs sold under bath salts moniker.


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What are the dangers of Bath Salts

MDPV, Kratom, Glass Cleaner, Ivory Wave all names for these drugs

Dangers of Bath Salts and MDPV have been discussed for some time now, but currently a face-eating incident in Florida is bringing unwanted attention to the topic, especially since it happened in public and the attacker had to be shot by police as he at the face of his victim, who may have also been under the influence of the drug. One fo the problems with Bath Salts, as opposed to other drugs, is that they cause states of mind where people actually believe that they are being attacked, pursued, or threatened by things that are not there, or appear to be very different. People may revert to more animalistic states of consciousness and not know who their friends and enemies are.

Notes and Special Information

Special note: One way to avoid letting someone else eat your face off is to stay clean when other people decide to take a magical mystery tour.